946151_10151319157137134_1364503706_nArt was always an interest through the growing years.  Was only much later, after over two decades in the corporate space, that the aesthetics tugged me back.

And in the decade in this space, if there is anything I have enjoyed more than the time viewing artworks .. it has been conversations with those who have created the works.  The artists.

There is a lot any art comes from.  The colours it draws from .. the forms it takes.  A journey one cannot get close to even fathoming.   Perhaps the most this blog might be able to do is capture just a little of the essence of an artist.  A tiny glimpse into their soul perhaps.

And that’d be the .. tryst too.  Flirting with the silence, the intrigue .. and a mystery that surrounds their person.

Some conversations on art, maybe .. or just painting our own tiny snippets on the horizon.

Join me on this walk .. as I amble along this little tryst with art.

– Deepika Shergill


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